Skilled, Flexible Industrial Sheet Metal Fabrication

American Sheet Metal industrial sheet metal fabrication provides your business with the ideas and resources you need for efficient operations in your trade. Our custom shop manufactures and reverse-engineers parts and components of any size to your required tolerances. We serve diverse industries such as:

  • industrial kitchens & bakeries
  • food & beverage
  • meat packing & food packaging
  • chemical processing
  • displays & exhibits
  • drug & diet supplements
  • dairy products
  • bus & rail components
  • manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • plumbing & electrical
  • hospitals

Just a few of our custom industrial sheet metal solutions include:

  • hoppers
  • containers
  • cones
  • perforated baskets
  • stand & platforms
  • bus & rail components
  • guards
  • conveyor systems

Our advanced capabilities further offer your business:

  • prototypes followed by swift production runs
  • reverse-engineering of hard-to-find replacement parts for your European & Asian equipment components
  • specialization in stainless TIG welding
  • food grade–quality finished products
  • complex geometric shapes and components created with state-of-the-art computer modeling and CNC equipment
  • intricate HVAC ducting in stainless steel and galvanized metal

Other assets to your business include:

  • AWS-certified welding
  • independent third-party welding inspection
  • easy reprogramming for any parts needing revision
  • metal finishing from brushing and polishing to assembly

American Sheet Metal also adheres to strict quality control. Each first piece is inspected for every step of production. We offer certificates of compliance as well.

In addition, because we use modular fixtures to fabricate your industrial metal components, we help you lower production expense.

Find out more about what our industrial sheet metal fabrication can achieve for your next product or project. Contact us at (714) 780-0155 today to speak with an American Sheet Metal Specialist. Commercial references are available upon request.