Laser Cutting

High-Speed Fiber-Optic Laser Cutting

American Sheet Metal’s professional services include fast and precise laser cutting with the FOCUS 3015 KR2000 system.

In the past, manufacturers have relied on slow, inaccurate rack-and-pinion drives to laser-cut metal. More recently, they’ve resorted to plate repositioning to work with bigger sizes.

With the FOCUS, we can process both small- and large-format material with efficiency once thought possible only for smaller systems. Its linear machine-motion schematic supplies high acceleration (up to 2G) at cutting-feed rates, speed-optimized axes and a height-following axis. This drives quick and accurate production of sheet metal, including failsafe processing of highly reflective materials.

In addition, the FOCUS’ state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology frees us from having to move the laser source or the plate, allowing us to laser-cut metal at up to 1,770 in/min.

The system’s head further maintains consistent distances between the laser and the sheet metal. A capacitive sensor ensures fast, exact, drift-free measurements at any operating temperature or rate of acceleration.

American Sheet Metal’s laser cutting provides much-needed solutions for professions such as:

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • precision work
  • computers
  • architectural artwork
  • machinery manufacturing
Find out more about how our laser-cutting capabilities can become an asset for your next product or project. Contact us at (714) 780-0155 today to speak with an American Sheet Metal Specialist. Commercial references are available upon request.